SYNRM-naturalezaFollowing the emergence of the European directive 2009/125/EC of October 21, 2009, is established a framework for the setting of eco-design and efficiency requirements for energy-related products. Although it is true that in the case of motors, this need is partly covered with permanent magnet motors, these include “rare earths” which lead environmental disadvantages and a high cost.

Thanks to this project. KELD offers an alternative to solve both issues at the same time, through a vector sensor-less synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) drive. Thus, the overall objective of the project is to maximize energy efficiency of electric motor drives by implementing an electronic solution, technologically innovative and low cost, for SynRM drive.

Benefits of the new solution will be as follows:
– It provides reliability at a low cost for reluctance synchronous motors.
– It is an alternative to motors of permanent magnets whose price is higher.
– It increases the life of the whole set through control strategies that reduce torque ripple.
– It enhances the implementation of synchronous reluctance motors with less impact on the process of manufacturing and recycling.
– Customizable and low cost solution to every application and client.

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