The Company


Keld was established in 1972 and started producing a range of technologically advanced products for both industrial and commercial customers. By employing the latest in electronic design and manufacturing, Keld now offers a complete range of highly advanced electronic controllers.

We supply many of the world’s top companies; they have come to trust Keld as a solutions provider and partner in their projects. Our experience in electronics manufacturing, has allowed us to take our customers ideas and develop cutting edge solutions for them. Our standard range of controllers is continuously evolving and by ensuring we use the latest technology we ensure that these products offer state of the art performance.

We are committed to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our goal is to offer the most advanced range of energy saving products available, allowing our users to minimise energy use and hence play their part in protecting the environment.

Having both our design and manufacturing departments under one roof allows us to be both flexible and offer rapid solutions to changing requirements. The R&D department further allows us develop innovative answers to problems both quickly and seamlessly.